Smile Gallery

Nothing makes us happier than patients who leave our dental office smiling because they are so happy about their teeth. Have a look at a few of our cases below!

Patient Details

This patient never “loved” her smile because she could see the fillings in between her front teeth when she smiled. Some were rotated, not the same size, and differed in color. Now she loves how they are all the same color, symmetrical, and all uniform in shape and size. Porcelain crowns and veneers were used to make her smile, one she is very proud to show off!

Patient Details

This patient had headaches and was only able to bite down using his front teeth, the upper and lower teeth were becoming worn down as a result. Crowns were made for the back teeth to build a balance bite. He now has a functional bite, no headaches, and an incredible smile!

Patient Details

This patient had an edge-to-edge bite and didn’t show much teeth when he smiles. The wear, chipping, and cracking he had actually caused him not to smile anymore. We had 8 porcelain veneers placed on the upper arch and used the diode laser on his gums tome them look even around the new smile. Now this patient can’t stop smiling and couldn’t be happier with his stonier, healthier teeth!

My school teacher of class 3rd as my patient

Post and Core Treatment

Guided tissue regeneration conformance certifications

My classmate

Happy elderly patient with my treatment

Visit us for smile correction

Teeth replaced with ceramic bridge

Accident may happened we are here to solve the problem

Worn Out Teeth Replaced by ceramic caps full mouth rehabilition

Smile restored in middle age patient

1st time visited dentist at 45 yrs due to fear ..
Fear removed and smile restored

Guided Implant surgery

73 yrs old singer gets his smile back

Upcoming airforce pilot after getting dental implant

Root canal
Tooth coloured filling
Tooth removal
Composite filling
Gingival overgrowth removed with dental Laser
Root canal treatment
Patient comfort while doctors working
Root canal under isolation of ruuberdam..

School Principal